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Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Welcome Words from Prof. Sidartawan Soegondo, MD.

First of all let me introduce you what SS Diabetes Care (SSDC) is. It is actually  an estate where in the near future  you can have comprehensive diabetes management facilities all in one building. There will be primary, secondary and tertiary care physicians for people with diabetes. They are all specially trained to serve the diabetes community.  As you know diabetes is getting more and more frequent in Indonesia and all over the world, because of the amount and severity of the complications caused by it.  SSDC is a system where people with diabetes are members/patients, where they on a regular bases can meet their doctors and nurses to discuss their particular problems with the team. Here you can have your medicine and daily need specially for diabetics all in one building. Even laboratory services by the internationally standard laboratory such as PRODIA is also part of the service.

The building has also a special class room where doctors and other health professionals can meet and be trained to be expert diabetologists. Regular meetings for people with diabetes and the community is also part of the plan besides meeting points for PANDU DIABETES (diabetes champions). As part of our social responsibility we have the head quarters of the Indonesian Diabetes Association and also the office of the Indonesia Diabetes Institute in this building. This all showed that we really care about diabetes and all its aspects. In the future we hope that this will be the centre point of all the diabetes activities in the country. The class in this building will be the starting point of a new era where we try to fight for the position of the first IDF recognized training center for Diabetes Health care professionals  and maybe even as a recognized IDF training center later on.

Here we will continue our  former activities such as: National Diabetes Camps, National Pandu Diabetes Selections, Diabetes Obesity and Cardiovascular Link (DOC link) lecture series, Basic and Advance Diabetes Professional Courses, Regular Diabetes Gymnastics classes and many other activities to come.

Please comment and support our future activities for the benefit of our people’s health. Join our activities or donate us to struggle further in this difficult time and hope to see you joining us.

Best Regards

Sidartawan Soegondo

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